4 complications associated with urinary retention

The urinary bladder can be affected by a condition where it is not being able to empty the urine that it consists of completely. This condition is called urinary retention and is known to be the cause for some of the major and serious urinary conditions. It is the condition that can be caused due to obstruction or non-obstruction factors. Depending on the condition, it can be treated and cured. But most of the cases, if left untreated for a long time would result in severe urinary issues and can even become life-threatening. It is a condition that can affect anyone.

But it is seen that men are mostly affected by the condition, and those over 50 of age are at a higher risk of being affected by urinary retention. In some cases, it can be noticed that the urine cannot be passed at all. These are emergency cases that require immediate care, or the person can be affected fatally. Women are also prey to the condition, but mostly when they are affected by another condition known as a cystocele. It is a condition where the bladder moves out of position or sag over time which can also be the result of rectocele. Rectocele is the condition where the person has his/her colon move out of its normal position. Man can contract the condition in case their prostate enlarges.

Urinary retention usually goes undetected for longer periods of time if it is chronic urinary retention. This is because the condition does not show any real symptoms until it develops into severe conditions. In some cases, these conditions are so severe that it can be fatal. This makes it important to recognize the complications that urinary retention can lead to and to catch on the simple rarely noticeable symptoms so that the appropriate treatment can be taken to cure the condition. No symptoms that can suggest for urinary retention should be left untreated as leaving it untreated means, risking your life. Let us take a look at some of the complications that can rise due to urinary retention.

Bladder damage

Due to the retention of urine beyond the capacity of the bladder, it would be stretched to a limit from where it cannot go back to its normal shape. This might weaken the muscle’s ability to shrink and cause permanent damage to the bladder.

Urinary incontinence

It is the condition where the person loses the ability to control the bladder movements due to the surgery is done to remove tumors. This is usually a temporary condition as they are seen to regain control in a few weeks or months.

Kidney damage

Due to the retention of urine, sometimes the urine can go back to the kidney. This condition is known as urine reflux and can result in the damage of the tissues in the kidney.

Urinary tract infection

Urine usually does not get the chance to stay in the bladder for a long time. But when retention happens, it can infect the bladder and urethra.

The complications related to urinary retention are in plenty, and proper care is important for not letting the condition develop life-threatening complications.

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