What are the Top 5 Responsibilities of a Pharmacist?

Pharmacy is a rewarding career with diverse opportunities to help and care for patients through scientific innovation and research.  A pharmacist is essentially a healthcare professional that provides care and promotes wellness to their customers.

The Top 5 Goals of a Pharmacist:

They help people get the ultimate results from the medication they take: A pharmacist plays an important role in giving guidance regarding the medications you take; if it is prescription medication or over the counter medicines, they provide the necessary knowledge to get the best results.

They need to be accessible: People can come into a pharmacy and speak to a pharmacist face-to-face without making an appointment.  For this reason, a pharmacist needs to be able to communicate effectively.

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They need to be able to Evaluate Factors Effectively: A pharmacist should be able to evaluate all the information a client or patient gives to make a correct decision on the effect that a medication can have on the client or patient, and the effect it might have on other medications taken.

They are the Medication Specialist in the healthcare team: They can advise you on taking the correct medicine and correct dosage of the medicine prescribed.  They can advise doctors and patients alike regarding the effects and the results a medication should have.

They also need to take care of insurance paperwork, and keep records: There are strict rules and regulations regarding the dispensing of certain medications and drugs.  A pharmacy needs to keep track of all dispensing of medicine as well as keep client and patient record up to date.

Pharmacists help their patients, or customers get well through helping them understand the medications they take and the influence it may have on them.  Their main goal is to help people live better, more healthy lives.  A Pharmacist can change lives.

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