Pharmacy Services

It does not matter if you live in the United States and call it a Pharmacy, or living in Great Britain and call it a Chemist, or even living in Canada where it is commonly called a Drugstore; the services rendered by a pharmacy stays mostly the same.
There are a few types of pharmacy practice areas but the most common for your daily encounters will be:

1. Community Pharmacy; usually have a retail storefront where you can buy miscellaneous items, like cosmetics, hair care products, toys, confectionery, and sometimes refreshments and certain types of groceries. You will also find a section for over the counter medications and then the Medicine Dispensary where prescription medication is distributed by a Pharmacist.
Services: Serve the community in everyday medication and advice, and also doctors’ prescription medication. You can also buy certain types of other groceries, etc.
2. Hospital Pharmacy; differs considerably from community pharmacies. Pharmacists working in the hospital environment are often referred to as, ‘clinical pharmacists’, and they specialize in more than one disciplines of pharmacy. They can specialize in Oncology, Haematology, HIV/AIDS, etc. Hospital pharmacies are within the premises of a hospital. They stock a larger and wider range of medicines and also more specialized medications. Hospital pharmacies perform at a very high level.
Services: Mostly serve the doctors prescriptions for hospitalized patients and other doctor’s medicinal requirements in the hospital.
3. Clinical Pharmacies; serve the community and provide direct care services to patients. They promote health care, wellness and the prevention of disease. Patients in all health care settings can receive treatment and medicine at a clinic.
You will also find a Veterinary Pharmacy where you will find medications for your pets. They stock different varieties of medicine especially for the needs of animals
In our modern world, you can now found pharmacies in certain supermarkets or larger retail stores. These pharmacy departments still need to comply with the rules and regulations regarding the distribution and storage of medicine in the country they operate in