4 effective treatments of Athlete’s Foot

Many people feel embarrassed when they have Athlete’s foot. Sometimes they feel so ashamed of this condition that they don’t even talk to doctors about their problem. Athlete’s food happens due to a fungus that grows in the damp area. So, when you wear confined shoes your feet sweat and creates the perfect environment for the fungus to grow.

Your feet will feel itchy and the feet may show signs of cracks. Sometimes, the fungus can grow in the nails as well. A number of treatments are available for treating Athlete’s foot. These are discussed here.


Over-the-counter medication

You will find a number of over-the-counter medication, gels, creams, sprays, etc. You may get positive results by applying these once or twice a day on the affected area. Topical therapy has a very high rate of cure. Oral terbinafine of 250mg is also very effective.


Soaking foot in bleach water

If you soak your feet every day for ten minutes in bleach water then you will get very good results. However, you should be careful about the amount of bleach you mix. If you add too much you may burn your skin. About one tablespoon of bleach will be appropriate for adding one gallon of water.


Apply tea tree or neem oil

Tea tree has antifungal properties that help to cure this infection.  You can also use neem oil which has the same property. You should apply it twice or thrice a day on the affected area.


Maintain good hygiene

You must wear open shoes so that your feet can get some air. You shouldn’t walk barefoot. You should keep extra socks and shoes with you so that you can change them if they get wet because of sweating. You must keep your feet dry and clean all the time. You should try to wear comfortable shoes. You can find the best athlete’s foot hiking boots in the market. This may reduce the chance of having Athlete’s foot.

If you suffer from Athlete’s foot you should treat it immediately. Otherwise, a number of complications may arise. Blisters may pop out if you scratch the affected area and the infection may spread further. Athlete’s foot is very contagious. It can easily spread to the other areas like hands, nails and the groin area. You should first try out the home treatments and over-the-counter medications. If these fail then you should consult a doctor.

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